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what people have to say about working with amplicon Amplicon
Phil Bain | Computer Recognition. Amplicon
“There is always somebody to answer the phone and answer my questions when I need them. They are always polite and helpful. Your prices are competitive and deliveries good. I wish I could think of something negative to say so that you would have something to do for the rest of the day but I can't think of anything."
Nigel Canning | Cabletime Limited. Amplicon
"I can't think of anything that could improve the service you guys give. I always work on the principal that if it ain't broke don't fix it."
Bob Lack | Direct Surveillance. Amplicon
"Everything is great. Your salesman's knowledge is way above mine. I usually hand him over to my tech guy and leave them to geek speak to each other. But, it's all good. Your products are excellent and deliveries are normally a day or two early. According to the customer I was with yesterday we are going to be ordering quite a few more units from you. Long may it continue."
Ronald Terceira | Euro Enviromental. Amplicon
"He always listens very carefully to my sometimes painful explanations of what we are trying to achive and then goes that extra mile to find the solution for us. I have spoken to a few of your sales guys there and I have to say you all seem very up tempo, your morale always seems to be high. Which is more than I can say for some people I have to deal with. I haven't had any contact with your support guys yet so I'm hoping for the same level of service from them when we need it."
John Lindley | Meter Manager Ltd. Amplicon
"Both of your lads (Mohammed & Niraj) are very good and I think it's a good idea that they call on a regular basis. I like the fact that I can speak to them about a project and just say what have you got that will do this, this and this and instead of having to trawl through the thousands of items on your website they know exactly where to go and what to look at."
Nathan Scott | V6e Ltd. Amplicon
"5 Star. We have no issues at all. I think the service we get from you, all the way from ordering the right product to it arriving at our door on time and well packaged, is excellent."
Grant Harrison | Real Time Engineering Ltd. Amplicon
" We are very happy with Amplicon. Your delivery times are excellent and your products are exactly what we need. Mohammed really knows his stuff, for instance, last week we rang up asking for a certain part for one of our customers and instead of the usual ,sorry it's out of stock, he was able to steer us towards a couple of alternatives. One of which we ended up buying. We really are very happy with everything about Amplicon, just keep doing what you're doing."
Gary Knight | Edwards Ltd. Amplicon
"I love the way you are really prompt with your communications. No sooner I place an order than I receive an acknowledgement followed very quickly with an estimated delivery date. It saves me having to chase orders and you would be surprised how many other people we deal with don't have that follow-up. And, indeed the difference it makes."
Rhys Hansford | Spellman HV Ltd. Amplicon
"Very happy with the service. Your guys are definitely up to speed on the products and a lot of companies aren't."
Paul Simmonds | Xcontrols Limited. Amplicon
"Can't think of any improvements you could make. You seem to have everything covered."
Ian Clarke | Xennia Technology Ltd. Amplicon
"The quotation process is quite good. The guys are always helpful and they know what they are talking about, which is more than I can say for some companies I have to deal with."
Graham Marshall | A W Technology Ltd. Amplicon
"We had an issue a couple of years ago when we changed from the PCI230 to the + version of the card. But your guys we very quick to respond and got us over the hump. That's why we are sticking with it and still buying the card from you because we know the service and the backup is so good."

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