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Amplicon announces the new iCON series of Ethernet Extenders Amplicon RSS feed

Do you understand Ethernet Extenders? Technically, they are not difficult to grasp but the question really is do you understand how much time and money they could save you? Do you realise they could earn you a promotion? Are you aware that they could represent an entirely new revenue stream for your business?

Ethernet extenders use DSL (Digital Subscriber Line – technology used by Telcos to transmit high-speed broadband data from the telephone exchange to your house over your phone line) to extend Ethernet links up to 10km over a single pair of low-grade copper wires. The units operate transparently as part of an existing network with no drivers to install or complex setup procedures. All 'IP' traffic that could be sent across a standard patch cable can be sent across an Ethernet Extender link.

The potential to save money using Ethernet Extenders becomes very apparent when they are used instead of a fibre-optic link or a wireless bridge. An old pair of telephone wires or some defunct RS485 cabling from a security camera can suddenly become a very precious commodity on a site that requires long-range Ethernet connections. Even in simple applications where a run of Cat5 cable exceeds the 100m distance limit for Ethernet, Ethernet Extenders can be deployed to save the cost of signal repeaters, power supplies and associated housings for the equipment.

In a highly competitive market, simply being aware of an Ethernet Extender solution could transform your business fortunes.

David Evans, Product Development Manager at Amplicon comments: "There is a huge potential for these products in both industrial and IT based applications. The difficulty lies in educating the market because the 'you appeal' is specific to each and every customer. Our Ethernet Extender products have been used in submarines, nuclear plants, on trains, in observatories and even in Graceland - Elvis Presley's estate."

He continues: “We are also delighted to announce the addition of the new iCON series of Ethernet Extenders to our range. They are rugged, versatile and the selling price that we have achieved on this line will open up many more avenues of opportunity.”

For further details click here iCON series



09.08.2018 Amplicon Founders Day goes down a treat!

On Friday 3rd August, after months of planning and logistical nightmares, the Amplicon team enjoyed their annual Founders Day celebrations!...

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08.08.2018 Amplicon raises over £4,000 for local charities

Charitable giving is a key part of the Amplicon DNA, and as part of our corporate responsibility....

News & Events
24.07.2018 Amplicon superheros join forces to take on KAPOW! challenge

On Saturday July 15th, our international sales engineer, Constantin and Will, our marketing intern completed the KAPOW! Fundraiser for the Martlets Hospice....

News & Events
21.06.2018 Amplicon headline sponsors of Martlets KAPOW!

Amplicon is proud to be the headline sponsor of one of the most fun charity events in Brighton - KAPOW! ...

News & Events
19.06.2018 Amplicon introduces impressive Full-HD and 4K Industrial monitors

Amplicon, the UK market leading manufacturer of industrial computers, introduces a new and improved range of industrial monitors, including high performance Full-HD and 4K displays....

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