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Kerbside self-service kiosk for car rental systems Amplicon

The client is a global provider of car rental services and is a market leader in roadside self-service kiosks, allowing customers to pre-book cars and return them to any authorised area.


The requirement Amplicon

Due to the rapid growth in business, our client required cost-effective, self-service stations to manage the subscription/application process of their rental services; the systems needed to be robust and able to withstand harsh environments. The self-service stations had to be able to scan & identify documents, offer package plans, accept bank card payments, issue membership cards, as well as offer live video chat with advisors from their main support office.


The Solution Amplicon

Based on the client requirement the Nexcom NISE 2100A fanless computer was considered the best solution for their application. The NISE 2100A computers were embedded into electric car rental kiosks by the roadside to provide fast and convenient services to drivers in Paris and its outskirts.

Remote Terminal Unit solution for Power application  

There were two different kiosks types and they both took advantage of the abundant I/O interfaces of the versatile NISE 2100A to provide subscription and rental services. In the subscription service station, the kiosk guided drivers through a registration process by allowing advisors from a call centre to video chat with drivers, scan identity documents, offer package plans on touch screen, accept bank card payments, and issue membership cards equipped with RFID tags.

The kiosk standing in the open air, on the other hand, helped drivers rent electric cars. It could read RFID tags, ask for password validation on touch screen, indicate assigned electric cars, and offer prompt assistance from a call centre. The service provider has successfully built up two types of multi-functional advanced kiosk; these could get drivers behind the wheel within minutes, and allow the electric cars to be returned to any station.


The results Amplicon

By installing these advanced kiosks, the service provider established the car rental service, yet reduced operating expenses in terms of utilities, office expenses, leasing commissions etc. Using the fanless computer design meant that these kiosks could work around the clock without maintenance despite road dust and outdoor humidity. More importantly the NISE 2100A is designed to operate over a wide temperature range from -20°C~70°C (-4°F~158°F), and was able to function properly as seasons changed.

The NISE 2100A-embedded kiosks will be installed in over a thousand service stations, with the aim of providing an alternative to public transportation for millions of residents and tourists who need to commute in and around Paris and its adjoining suburbs.


Why Amplicon Amplicon

Amplicon was the supplier of choice as they could offer over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying industrial computing systems.

Working closely with the highly experienced Amplicon technical specialists the customer could rely on the best solution being specified on time and within budget. Additional work from the Amplicon engineering team meant that the solution was customised to meet the exact requirements of the application at "off the shelf" pricing.

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