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Data Communications
Edge to Core Ethernet Networks

Edge-to-Core Ethernet Networks Amplicon

The Edge-to-core model defines each level of infrastructure loosely but may not be appropriate in all aspects of network design. However, it will act as a guide when you are choosing products for your specific requirement and will ensure that your selection is appropriate for optimum performance, scalability and reliability in your network.

Edge to Core ethernet switches  

Edge Layer switches Amplicon

These are generally used to connect end devices to the network for port-to-port connectivity and networking. Working at the closest possible point to the field users, our wide range of edge layer switches feature a compact size, DIN-Rail mounting, extreme operating temperatures, and diverse port counts to adapt to the most demanding of environments. Industry specific regulatory approvals are often necessary to guarantee operation, such as EN50155 and EN50121 for rail applications and IEC61850 for substation automation.

Edge layer switches
  • Entry-level to advanced switches
  • From 5 to 19 ports
  • Standalone, fixed-port or modular form factors
  • Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and Full Gigabit Ethernet options
  • Copper, fibre, or SFP connections
  • Extremely easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions
  • Industry specific approvals
  • Managed and Unmanaged models available


Distribution Layer Switches Amplicon

Distribution switches forward data packets from multiple access switches to core layer networks. Typically, a distribution switch needs full redundant mesh or ring connectivity and intelligent routing and switching between segmented VLANs. Amplicon offers the full range of Moxa high density Gigabit Ethernet switches in both DIN-Rail and rack-mount form factors with modular design options for flexibility. The installation of these devices can often be in demanding environments with requirements for industry specific regulatory approvals.

Distribution layer switches
  • Full L2 switching functionality and layer 3 routing intelligence
  • Advanced managed features
  • DIN-rail and rack-mount modular design
  • RJ45, fibre, and SFP media interfaces
  • Copper, fibre, or SFP connections
  • Up to 4 Gigabit ports for Gigabit ring and uplinks
  • Industry specific approvals
  • Rack-mount and DIN-rail mount models available


Core Layer Switches Amplicon

These switches extend availability throughout the entire industrial network to provide a multi-service backbone and support a wide-range of Ethernet-based services such as video, voice, command, and data transmissions. The Moxa core Ethernet switch range offers industry leading performance with 10GbE uplink speeds and up to high density Gigabit connections. Working at the top of the hierarchical network, the core switches serve as the high-speed backbone of the network to enable end users to connect with the data centre.

Core layer switches
  • 10GbE port options
  • High density Gigabit
  • Full L2 switching functionality and layer 3 routing intelligence
  • Modular 4U and stackable 1U options
  • Hot swap operation
  • Dual images for resilient firmware upgrades
  • Isolated redundant power inputs with universal 110/220 VAC power supply range
  • Layer 2 and layer 3 models available

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