Amplicon & Cisco Industrial IoT Cybersecurity solutions


The combination of Cisco Industrial network equipment and Cisco Cyber Vision, an award-winning monitoring and security platform for Industrial IoT gives you 100% network visibility, operational insights, and threat detection, allowing you to deploy fully protected industrial IoT networks and critical infrastructures against cyber risk.

What is Cisco Cyber Vision? - Watch video

Why to choose Cisco Cyber Vision - The Advantages

Security at scale

Integrated into Cisco Switches, Cisco Cyber Vision eliminates the need for dedicated appliances or out-of-band networks.

Security at the Edge

Enforce security policies that protect your industrial network without disrupting production.

Gain 100% visibility

Cisco Cyber Vision can identify all your assets with its unique combination of passive & active discovery.

Threat intelligence built-in

Identify asset vulnerabilities & detect intrusions fast with threat intelligence, powered by Cisco Talos.

Network segmentation

Prevent attacks from spreading with effective monitoring & adaptive, dynamic network partitioning.

Extend IT security to OT

Cisco Cyber Vision is fully integrated with Cisco’s cybersecurity portfolio as well as many third-party security solutions.

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