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Pilates at Amplicon for Office Wellbeing

Amplicon, a Brighton based industrial computing manufacturer, has introduced a new initiative to help alleviate staff tension and stress.

As seen across most companies, the current difficult situation has increased the pressure and stress levels in the office. Amplicon has tried to ensure its employees have been supported and motivated throughout these unprecedented times. They have arranged delicious breakfast treats, shorter working hours, an on-site allotment, games & quizzes and afternoon tea in an attempt to keep spirits high.    

The response from Team Amplicon has been incredible, with more than 45% of the employees taking part in the weekly Pilates sessions. The classes, which have been arranged to suit all work schedules, take place in the spacious warehouse for maximum convenience, and to ensure social distancing is being observed.

Following the first couple of sessions, the feedback has been very positive, with most team members already seeing an improvement in their posture and experiencing a sense of calmness at the end of the session.

Philip, from ABC Pilates, has taken on the challenge to teach the team how to improve their spine alignment through slow controlled movements, which will bring countless health benefits such as toning and strengthening core muscles, improving flexibility, balance and body control as well as helping with stress management and relaxation.

Wednesdays may never be the same at Amplicon!