Amplicon’s Engineering Admin Specialist celebrates 25th Anniversary

Amplicon offers its congratulations to Roger, our Engineering Admin Specialist, who is now celebrating his 25th year of service.

Roger began his Amplicon journey on November 1st, 1993 as an Admin Assistant to the Purchasing, Accounts and Administration department, and later moved to work in purchasing for 10 years.

Now assisting the Chief Operating Officer in the IT Department, Roger is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the internal computer network, maintaining and updating the Amplicon Drawing Office and assisting the Product Specialists in raising new products.

Additionally, in 2013 Roger was able to take on Amplicon training in Solidworks Essentials and Sheet Metal course, providing him with further knowledge and experience.

Amplicon thanks Roger for all his hard work and dedication, and looks forward to many more years to come.

Roger Wood commented: “I started when I was just 21, I thought it would only be for a few years, get some training and knowledge then move on…25 years later I’m still here! The reason for staying so long really is the people, you meet so many eclectic people and the Directors have always been great, that has encouraged me to stay. Here’s to another 25 years!.”

Gina Citroni, CEO at Amplicon commented: “To be able to congratulate one of my team for 25 years of loyal and dedicated hard work is an amazing thing; Roger has always been outstanding and I have enjoyed his support both personally and professionally, I am so very lucky that he belongs to Amplicon!.”