Amplicon Cybersecurity solutions for Industrial IoT

Amplicon, the Cisco IoT Advantage Specialist partner, supplies the complete range of Cisco's leading-edge Industrial IoT networking and cybersecurity solutions.

Cisco Industrial IoT switches and routers embed Cisco Cyber Vision, an award-winning monitoring and security platform built for Industrial IoT. By offering 100% network visibility, operational insights, and threat detection, Cyber Vision enables you to deploy fully protected industrial networks and critical infrastructures against cyber risk.

To learn more about how Amplicon can help you protect your network against cyber-attacks, visit our website or call us on – 01273 570 220


  • Easily deploy network security at scale
  • Gain visibility on industrial assets and process
  • Detect device issues before disruption
  • Identify anomalies & vulnerabilities fast
  • Implement security best practices

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