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anpr (automatic number plate recognition) Amplicon

ANPR uses digital cameras and specialist vehicle PC's to automate the identification of vehicle number plates. There is an increasing requirement to identify vehicles and track their location for a wide number of applications, which include:

Congestion Charging – Several major cities around the world levy a charge to drive within them.
Car park management – Using the number plate to identify the time of entry and departure of a vehicle.
– Monitoring the arrival and departures of vehicles at major ports.


ANPR Hardware Solutions from Amplicon Amplicon

Amplicon is a supplier of Industrial IT and Networking solutions to customers in the ANPR market. Our Industrial PCs are manufactured in the UK to meet the reliability and environmental requirements of all ANPR systems and are in use on many roads throughout the UK and Europe.

Amplicon’s networking division are specialists in GPRS / 3G communications to remote ANPR sites as well as being able to provide complete Ethernet network solutions for any media – copper, fibre or wireless.

ANPR diagram  



2U 19” Rackmount PC

19" Rackmount Industrial PCs – Rugged, Reliable, and Repeatable systems built to your specification.

Amplicon provides a complete range of 19” rackmount PCs to run your ANPR software in applications where you have the option to mount the system in a 19” rackmount cabinet . The Amplicon Industrial PC systems are built and tested to customers specification and come with a 3 year warranty as standard. There is also the option to upgrade to on-site warranty and have your company colours and logo silk-screened on the front door.

Adlink PCI Express RTV24
Frame Capture Cards - NEW Adlink PCI Express RTV24 with 4 Video Inputs

Amplicon now offers a PCI Express version of it’s popular PCI RTV-24 video capture card. The product retails at a very competitive price achieving 30fps per channel making it a popular choice within the ANPR market

PCI/PCI Express RTV-24 Frame Grabber Card

Digi connect WAN
3G / GPRS Solutions

For applications requiring connectivity to a remote or mobile ANPR installation, Amplicon is able to provide FREE consultancy and hardware solutions to transmit either number plate data or live video to a central control room over the mobile phone networks.




Access Control Solutions

A popular add-on to any ANPR system is the facility to provide ‘Access Control’ functionality like raising and lowering of a roadside barrier or locking / unlocking a door. Depending on the application Amplicon is able to offer either a plug-in card I/O card for your PC or an Ethernet solution that can be placed close to the device to be controlled and networked back to a controlling PC.

NEW Adlink PCIe 7250 with 8 digital Inputs and 8 Relay Outputs
Adlink PCI-7250 with 8 digital inputs and 8 Relay Outputs
ICP DAS ET-7060 & ET-7066 Ethernet 6 digital Inputs and 6 Relay Outputs


nport w2150

Communication Converters (Variable Message Sign Connectivity)

In conjunction with the ANPR systems in car parks or traffic control applications, the need to connect to variable message signs to control the movement of vehicles is required. Amplicon is able to provide a number of communication converters to assist with the control of serial (RS232/RS422/RS485) based devices.


6K16, 6K25 and 6K32 switch


Rugged Ethernet Switches

With the increasing convergence of all ANPR systems to run on an Ethernet backbone, there is an increased requirement for highly reliable and rugged Ethernet networks. A commodity Ethernet switch is not sufficient in roadside / harsh environment applications where reliability is critical. Amplicon’s range of unmanaged and managed Industrial switches have environmental approvals and fault-tolerant configurations that are ideal for all ANPR systems.

19" Rackmount Ethernet Switches - Roadside
DIN Rail/Panel Mount Ethernet Switches – Roadside

Amplicon can advise on all aspects of ANPR solutions. If you would like more information please call sales on 01273 570 220 or email
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