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Cellular Automation at Amplicon Amplicon

Amplicon’s Cellular Automation Division can provide innovative voice and data connectivity solutions using the global mobile phone networks. We can connect you to electronic equipment ANYWHERE that a mobile phone signal can be received. This is especially useful in remote locations, on moving vehicles or on sites that a wired Broadband internet connection is not available.

By pulling together the appropriate partners and selecting the right products from our extensive hardware portfolio, Amplicon regularly convert individual product enquiries into total solutions.


solution example 1 - Using SIM cards with static IPs for bi-directional connectivity Amplicon


solution example 2 - Using VPNs for bi-directional connectivity Amplicon


Elements of a Cellular Solution Amplicon

Cellular Routers
Cellular Routers > >

Cellular Routers act as the interface between the Ethernet, RS232 or RS485 (other options available) interface on the target device and the mobile phone network. Amplicon routers have many innovative features to make connections reliable and cost-effective. Amplicon are an authorised representative of many of the world’s leading manufacturers including Digi & Sarian. Products include GPRS routers, 3G routers and HSDPA / HSUPA routers.

Cellular Modems
Cellular Modems > >

In some instances, a GSM modem or GPRS modem can be used instead of a router to provide basic internet connectivity at a low cost. The Oncell family of cellular modems provide advanced features not usually found in basic GSM / GPRS modems.
SIM Cards
SIM Cards

Much of the complexity in providing cellular solutions comes from choosing the right SIM card and understanding the associated network topology. Amplicon have partnered with several SIM card specialists so we can provide unbiased recommendations and referrals. Amplicon can supply SIM cards with private static IP addresses, public static IP addresses and many innovative reporting and alarm features.

Typical Applications Amplicon

IP Video over 3G
IP Video over 3G

Connect to IP Cameras, video encoders or DVRs over the cellular network to retrieve live video from remote sites. Can save the cost of wireless LAN, leased line or fibre-optic links and allows live video to be viewed from locations previously in-accessible. Our 3G routers and HSDPA routers are regularly used in CCTV applications.

Over the air machine maintenance & support
Over the air machine maintenance & support

Many large machines have a PC or PLC as their central control device. With Amplicon’s GPRS routers and 3G routers, manufacturers can connect to their machines over cellular networks to fault-find and repair problems. This reduces the number of site visits required with the potential to save thousands of pounds each year.
Environmental monitoring
Environmental monitoring

Data can be expensive or difficult to retrieve from environmental monitoring instruments in the field. Amplicon’s cellular connectivity solutions allow environmental data to be logged and retrieved in real-time. Changing from GSM modems to GPRS based systems can save a substantial amount in GSM call costs.
Broadband internet back-up
Broadband internet back-up

Internet access is becoming a critical resource for most modern businesses. Whilst DSL connections provide reasonable up-time they are not fool-proof. Amplicon’s routers can provide fail-safe internet connectivity using a combination of DSL & 3G connectivity at very affordable prices.
Automated digital signage updates
Automated digital signage updates

Amplicon’s 3G routers are often used to provide internet access to media players in the field, enabling them to automatically receive updated media content. No emails, no memory sticks, no fuss – just 100% automation of your digital signage system, removing the cost of the feet on the street.
ANPR Systems
ANPR Systems

One of the major challenges of distributed ANPR systems is to transmit data to a central server from roadside locations where wired internet connections are not in place. To solve this issue, there is a growing trend in using GPRS or 3G cellular communications to provide an internet connection from anywhere that a mobile phone signal can be received. Cellular routers can also provide network connections to mobile equipment such as Mobile ANPR systems thanks to the roaming capability of cellular networks.

Click image to enlarge
ANPR Systems
Sensors & transducers
Connect directly to sensors & transducers

Use a cellular router in conjunction with one of Amplicon’s innovative Ethernet gateway devices to provide direct connections to sensors, transducers and actuators. Example applications include alarm outputs on building controls equipment, digital outputs on PIR sensors and 4 to 20mA outputs from pressure sensors.
Call Amplicon on 01273 570 220 for free consultancy on your requirements.
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